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  • Brent Osborn-Smith

Letting Go of Backache

Traumatic experiences, whether catastrophic or relatively minor, are stored in our brains and bodies. Trauma resides not in the actual external adverse circumstance, but in how the nervous system processes that event. When unresolved emotions are frozen and stored as unprocessed energy, they go way beyond forming bad memories; they can alter brain chemistry and, therefore, body physiology itself.

Our conscious memory of a traumatic event may dissolve but the body does not forget. Emotions cannot really be fully processed until the physiological trauma has been dealt with, as the emotions would reignite the shock of that trauma.

The body holds the solution, however, to release these ‘frozen’ physiological actions and to heal the trauma. Discovering the varied landscape of ‘felt-sensation’ within the body opens up the path to healing, and resolution comes at a broader experiential level. Locating and working with the felt-sense will bring one out of shock and feelings of free movement, agility and even empowerment will return.

By physically releasing the part of the body that is manifesting pain, we are sending a signal to the brain to unlock the ‘frozen’ trauma. This is the key to healing both body and mind together.

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