Covid-19 Tests may be performed in the clinic during normal opening hours or, in exceptional circumstances, by arrangement.  Analysis is carried out by the Doctors Laboratory which is the UK's largest independant pathology facility.  It is fully government accredited as a UKAS (ISO15189) Testing Centre.  It uses the latest protocols which are subject to constant review and quality control.  For PCR (Polymerase Chain Reaction) testing, a swab is taken from the throat and nose.  Results are available within 24 to 48 hours.  Please note, this timescale is not something which can be sped up in the case of impending travel plans abroad, for example. 


The results obtained from a PCR (swab) test will show a minimum sensitivity of 98% (thereby correctly identifying patients with the disease) and a specificity of 100% (to correctly identify those without the disease).  "Rapid Testing", using a finger-prick sample, is not undertaken here.  Unfortunately, although the results currently achievable, while specific, are not yet sensitive enough to reach proper quality assurance over their accuracy; despite what the media or others might claim.


If required, IgG Antibody (blood) tests can also be carried out.  These require a normal blood sample to be taken from the arm.  This test will show whether you have been infected with Covid-19 in the past and have also developed and maintained antibodies against it.  The test is only appropriate if possible infection took place more than a fortnight earlier.


General Blood and Clinical Tests including standard blood, urine, stool, swab or other tests are also routinely carried out within the clinic.  As the list of tests available is comprehensive, please enquire directly if this is something which would be of interest.


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