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Biography & Background Information

Brent Osborn-Smith TD MBA BSc (Ost Med) DO ND PGDip (Ob Gyn) is one of London’s leading osteopaths and medical acupuncturists. He has featured in several television and radio broadcasts, as well as in the national press.  His patient base ranges from normal people through to "showbiz celebs", supermodels and foreign dignitaries.  He also sees plenty of students, young mums, babies, war veterans and those of no fixed abode (concessionary fees apply).

After a previous life as an Army Major, followed by a spell in the Venture Capital market in Edinburgh, he retrained medically as an osteopath.  He is also qualified and experienced in medical acupuncture, naturopathic medicine, general psychological counselling and in the use of specialist equipment such as laser, traction and ultrasound. 

At one end of the medical spectrum, he has set up and lectured on courses in military Advanced Trauma Life Support while at the other end, he helps to provide advanced osteopathic training .  He has also recently completed a two-year long Post-Graduate Diploma covering all aspects of Women's Health and is one of the few osteopaths currently holding specific specialist qualifications in this very important area.

As a naturopath, Brent sat previously on the Governing Board of the British Naturopathic Association, where he had responsibility for Ethics and Development.

A common thread has run through all three parts of his career and each has left him well grounded for the next.  All require a structured evaluation of unique signs or symptoms (often under great pressure) and then an individual assessment of the overall situation, which depends on the people involved as well as the problems they have.   This leads to the generation and implementation of an original, tailor-made plan. 

Brent works closely alongside other orthodox and complementary medical specialists both within and outside the clinic.  Together with technical ability, more than a quarter of a century of broad-based medical experience provides him with a solid framework from which to make people better.

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