The aim is not to provide specific services such as Osteopathy, Naturopathy or Medical Acupuncture to various body parts but instead to help produce effective solutions for patients in the context of their current situation.  Please click on any of the headings below for further information.

"Improve - Recover - Thrive!"


Osteopathic Medicine is a system of diagnosing and treating the whole person...

Medical Acupuncture

Medical Acupuncture treatment involves fine needles being inserted through the skin and...

Wellness & Leisure

Leisure time is an essential component of our physical and mental wellness...

Cranio-Sacral Osteopathy

Cranial osteopathy is a refined and subtle type of osteopathic treatment that encourages...

Naturopathic Medicine

Naturopathic Medicine is the system of primary health care which works with the ...

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Brent Osborn-Smith

Chelsea Based  |  Highly experienced osteopath & medical acupuncturist