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(Including Fertility & Pre-Natal)

Women's Health as such is often undervalued within orthodox medical theory.  Where treatment is offered, this comes only too often in the form of hormonal adjustment: usually through high ongoing doses of artificial substances that overwhelm the body's own normal instincts to do something else. Careful understanding and exploration of the effects of stress on the glands and nervous system, from an osteopathic perspective, provides a straightforward approach to natural glandular balance. With specialist training, it is possible to address issues such as a lack of energy, difficulty in concentrating, insomnia, fatigue, menstrual or fertility disturbance, chronic inflammatory disorder, menopause and hot flushes, digestive difficulties, anxiety or depression as well as a host of other difficulties.

Treatment, both osteopathic and acupuncture, is safe right from the start of pregnancy and often brings considerable relief. A few specific techniques may be potentially risky in theory, however, so it is important to make it known if you are pregnant or trying to become pregnant. Generally, pregnant patients benefit enormously from the help and guidance that can be offered. This is especially true for first-time mothers. Help may also be on hand for couples who are trying to conceive.


Pain In Pregnancy is a common side-effect but is not an inevitable complication. It is very amenable to treatment and can usually be relieved quite quickly. Pregnancy is an exciting period for a woman and must not be thought of in any way as being an illness! Proper care during pregnancy helps to keep mothers-to-be relaxed, full of energy and free from unnecessary discomfort. It goes without saying that this will help them arrive at the time of birth well prepared and ready to meet any challenges that arise both during and after delivery.


Pre-Natal changes require the body to adapt quickly to considerable extra demands. Where there has been any previous stress or pre-existing injury to the mother's body, adaptation may not take place smoothly. This can lead to back pain, groin pain, rib pain or pelvic pain as well as many other conditions. It is generally not difficult to keep patients comfortably on track throughout their pregnancy with a minimum of intervention.

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