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  • Brent Osborn-Smith

Bouncing back to Wellness

Updated: May 15, 2020

A daily trampoline session is a fantastic way to improve your circulation.  Exercise immediately stimulates the cardiovascular and lymphatic systems as well as the body’s general metabolism.  

The lymphatic system has no pump as such; it needs to be activated and accelerated by movement of the body itself.  Healthy lymphatic drainage helps to eliminate and remove toxins more effectively as well as combatting congestion.   Jumping not only stimulates circulation of the lymph but also intestinal peristalsis and kidney function.  In this way, the entire detoxification and waste production can be energised.

As well as having fun on the trampoline, one is able to work all the muscles in the body.  This can be an enjoyable and accessible way to keep all the family fit and healthy!

Do ensure that you bounce responsibly. Falling off a trampoline or landing awkwardly can result in strains, sprains, dislocations or fractures. Always try to ensure that you land with your knees slightly bent.  This will enable the legs to adapt better to changes in force than if they were locked, thus reducing the probability of a knee injury. 

Either way, quarterly osteopathic check-ups will give you any peace of mind that you need.

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