Leisure is an essential component of our physical and mental wellness.  As a company, Wellness Ltd. has always worked holistically alongside a number of like-minded individuals and organisations both in-house and through well-established links with other organisations.

By tapping into the varied skills of our consultants and professional staff, workshops and group meetings are held regularly on site, as well as on an ad hoc basis.  These leisure-based activities are designed to be an enjoyable and rewarding experience for clients and participants.  In so doing, we are able to help people rediscover and focus upon their ability to carve out time both for relaxation and recreation as well as for improving their general physical and psychological wellness. 

In recent months, we have run on-site leisure-based mother and baby classes, yoga workshops, healthy eating presentations, group meditation sessions and even a cultural event exploring oriental mythology! 

Where it is not possible to address a client's needs fully in-house, we would be pleased to introduce them to one of a number of carefully selected and more specialised external organisations. 

We have good links with several world-renowned wellness and leisure retreats both at home and abroad.  In particular, we work closely with    VivaMayr  and have magnificent feedback from people who have visited one or other (or both) of their Austrian wellness resorts, following our referrals. 


Depending on a person's specific requirements, a programme arranged either here or elsewhere can make a life-changing impact and is well worth considering, in place of a more traditionally focussed holiday.  Subtle differences exist, however, between all spa resorts and we would be happy to advise on what might be the best destination for each particular individual.

If it is a yoga-style re-invigoration that is being sought, then clients need to look no further than Silver Linings Retreats  . Here, they will be able to access bespoke attention by highly experienced experts in some of the finest, purpose designed locations in the world.

For the individually tailored leisure or travel experience of a lifetime, we would be more than delighted to introduce clients to    Jules Maury    who is one of the most highly acclaimed, talented and intuitive consultants in the country, having fully mastered herself the Art of Travel.

Another option for excellent bespoke leisure activities would be        Simpson Travel   which specialises in a variety of hand-picked options for both discerning individuals or groups.

While this might seem a big leap from traditional medical care, it is a firm belief of this practice that leisure and relaxation go hand in hand with wellness and good health.

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Brent Osborn-Smith

Chelsea Based  |  Highly experienced osteopath & medical acupuncturist